Britney Spears Wears Long Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are a timeless fashionable expression. From demure ladies to rock and roll queens to Harley riders, leather gloves are an essential accessory. We've admired a variety of women in sophisticated leather gloves, ranging from Grace Kelly to Courtney Love. With so many types of leather gloves to choose from, it is an accessory to express any emotion or preference.

Britney Spears, always a fashion innovator, recently posed wearing a long, luscious pair of black leather gloves the the elbow. Britney is known for her unique, expressive sense of style and she is always the first to try new trends. Leather gloves are a classic accessory for hundreds of years and they are also a current trend on the fashion catwalks of the world. When Lucy Liu wore leather gloves in “Lipstick Jungle”, we knew we would be seeing more leather gloves on fellow fashionistas.

Although leather gloves are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit, they are also practical. Leather gloves give you a better grip when you're bicycling or driving. Gloves also keep your hands warm and clean. While Britney opted for a traditional pair of black leather gloves, you can find them in a rainbow of colors to match every outfit for any season. Fingerless leather gloves are fabulous for the summer while long gloves look stunning for elegant occasions. Experiment a bit and you'll be amazed by all the attention you get wearing leather gloves!

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