Beyonce Rocks Black Leather Gloves

Internationally renowned singer Beyonce is known for her talent, beauty and fine sense of style. She recently married her long-term love, mogul Jay-Z. Beyonce refuses to discuss her personal life in detail to the press and feels it is a secret to her success. With a fabulous career and a loving husband, Beyonce may even be expecting a baby!
Despite her active professional and personal life, Beyonce remains the the epitome of fashion at all time.

The gorgeous diva was seen out and about in New York City recently wearing luscious, long black leather gloves and a dynamic black leather jacket with sunglasses. Adding the supple leather gloves made Beyonce's classic ensemble absolutely eye-catching. Leather gloves have become an essential accessory over the past two years for a variety of different outfits. In old Hollywood days, women wore leather gloves to cover their hands with elegance. Today, leather gloves can be worn to look elegant, sporty, eclectic or rockin' to reflect your personal style. Beyonce really rocked those black leather gloves and showed off how incredibly awesome leather looks, even if you're just shopping and hanging around the city for the afternoon.

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