Paris Hilton At Fashion Week in Black Leather Gloves

Everyone loves to find out about fashionista Paris Hilton, a celebutante who shows up everywhere that's anywhere. No one parties quite like Paris. In fact, she's even a paid partying professional who hosts profitable parties for a variety of reasons. The latest buzz about Paris is about her reality television show. Paris will be looking for a new best friend now that Nicole Richie has embarked on her new life as a mother and 'The Simple Life' is over.

Of course diva Hilton was present during Fashion Week. All eyes were upon her when she sported an eye-catching red dress with hot black leather gloves at Fashion Week. While Paris is already an icon of fashion, she outdid herself with this alluring outfit. The red dress' unique collar had an authoritative tone that matched the black leather gloves perfectly. Paris was one of the first celebrities to sport fingerless leather gloves last year. Hilton clearly remains on the fast fashion track wearing black leather gloves with a red dress. The color combination of black and red with leather gloves is one of the hottest of the season. Paris Hilton definitely wears it well, showing us all how to add leather into our look.

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