Madonna Wears Leather on "Hard Candy" Album Cover

Madonna is an international icon when it comes to singing, dancing and fashion. Her eclectic style defined an entire generation during the 80s. One of the common elements included in most of Madonna's unique outfits and styles was the use of classic leather. As an innovator, Madonna recognizes the importance of leather in your wardrobe because of its sensual yet traditional appeal.

After decades of musical and personal success, Madonna is ready to release her newest album entitled, “Hard Candy”. The album cover for the new songstress has been released and shows a fit and fabulous Madonna clad in black fingerless leather gloves, a leather camisole and leather boots to her thighs with a peppermint colored background. Her incredible figure in leather is an inspiration for all women, especially if you're over 40. Fingerless leather gloves have become a major fashion accessory over the past year and Madonna wears them well. A leather camisole is always a sexy garment and when you pair it with thigh high leather boots like Madonna, it's a total knockout. While you may not want to walk down the street this way yourself, it is certainly a seductive ensemble to wear at home. If you separate the elements, they are all eye-catching for everyday street wear. The fingerless leather gloves and thigh high boots easily go public and the leather camisole would look awesome with a pair of jeans or a flowing skirt.

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