Leather Jackets - The Hottest Hollywood Trend

Leather jackets are the hottest Hollywood trend right through the spring. As leather coats make way for leather jackets, the most fashionable women are gearing up for the season. One of the popular looks for the younger crowd is a short leather jacket, often with a hood.

Famous fashionistas such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens have all been spotted wearing beautiful black leather jackets. While the older generation is quite familiar with the classic appeal of leather, now the newbies are catching up. For decades, divas such as Diane Keaton and Diane Sawyer have worn sophisticated leather looks. Now the up and coming stars are putting their own spin on leather by wearing a variety of eclectic styles including narrow skirts, leggings (Celine Dion looked fabulous in these) and the latest leather hoodies sported by Lohan, Hilton and Hudgens.

The youngest to sport leather is Vanessa Hudgens, famous for starring in the Disney High School Musical movies. Revered by the youthful set, with icons such as Paris, Lindsay and Vanessa wearing leather, it clearly remains one of the hottest fashion options no matter where you go.

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