Justin Timberlake Wears A Black Leather Jacket

Although we often celebrate the fashionistas of leather, we want to give equal time to the men who wear leather well. One of the young men “bringing sexy back” by wearing leather is singer Justin Timberlake. Famous for his musical talents as well as his boyish good looks, Justin Timberlake is desired by women and admired by men.

Recently Justin Timberlake was seen in London wearing a classic, rugged ensemble featuring a black leather jacket and black jeans. From the days of James Dean on, wearing a leather jacket and jeans has been a traditional masculine look that always makes heads turn. Justin wore a scarf with a touch of blue to add a touch of color to the otherwise completely black ensemble. To top off his manly look, Timberlake's face was slightly scruffy.

A black leather jacket and jeans is a perfect outfit for going on a date, hanging out with the guys or taking your motorcycle for a joy ride. On its own, the black leather jacket can even be worn for casual work or dress wear. A black leather jacket and black jeans are two essential elements that should be in every man's wardrobe.

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