Celine Dion In Leather Skinnys

Celine Dion is internationally renowned as a singer and performer for decades. Her sense of style and feminine appeal is recognizable worldwide, even after several years of performing in her own show in Las Vegas. Celine is on the road again and her attractive face and fabulous voice are one of a kind, making her fans smile all over the globe.

Celine's sense of style is also original and she has a unique, eclectic look all her own. Recently Dion was was spotted heading to a news conference in Johannesburg wearing a fantastic leather outfit. She had on a full pink dress with a black bow and wore it as a tunic paired over a streamlined pair of black leather skinnys. Sporting the new look of a tantalizing tunic over slender pants, Celine added interest and texture with a bold black bow at the neck and matching black leather leggings, creating a fabulous silhouette.

As more celebrities wear leather, it is clear that it is more than a retro 80s fad. Icons such as Diane Keaton, Diane Sawyer and Celine Dion are sporting leather like a silent tribute to its timeless appeal. Leather looks perfect in all situations on all women because of its classic, luxurious beauty. Celine's dynamic leather look is easy to imitate with a flowing, pastel tunic and your own pair of black leather skinnys for an outfit that goes anywhere with style.

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