Isla Fisher Wears Colorful Leather Gloves For Confessions Of A Shopaholic

As you can imagine from the title, everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of Confessions of a Shopaholic starring Australian author and actress Isla Fisher. Dedicated shoppers and fashionistas from all around the globe can't wait to see Isla as a telekinetic shopaholic in this upcoming movie. Isla, famous for appearing in the movie the Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilson, is a stylish lady herself . The movie will feature Isla wearing some absolutely fabulous clothes, one of the many reasons people are waiting for its release with baited breath.

In fact, rumor says Isla is certain to enjoy her wardrobe for Confessions of a Shopaholic because of all the unique fashions she gets to wear. Recent photos from the movie shoot show Isla wearing funky, eclectic leather gloves in eye-catching colors such as orange and lime green. Leather gloves have made a definite comeback on both the big and small screens, as we can see from Lucy Liu's television appearance on Cashmere Mafia wearing luscious leather gloves. Vibrant colors such as orange and lime green make leather gloves less formal and more fun-loving. Isla Fisher shows us how exciting colorful leather gloves can be with any ensemble. True fashionistas can have leather gloves in delicious colors to match every outfit!

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