Diane Keaton, Leather and Long Gloves

Diane Keaton has been an outstanding example of fashion and beauty for decades. A veritable fashion icon, Keaton is been a woman to watch since the movie “Annie Hall” with Woody Allen in the 1970s.

Caroline Rennolds Milbank, a fashion historian who has studied Keaton, says, “...what made her style so notable and hard to imitate was that it was so personal.'' According to AndrĂ© Leon Talley, Vogue editor at large, ''When you do see her out, she is not overegging the pudding. It's never too rich, the way she looks. It's like Katharine Hepburn in a way, the mystery of being covered up, the simplicity -- that's the ultimate American style.''

Favorite for Diane Keaton over the years include long skirts, turtlenecks and a variety of leather apparel ranging from jackets to skirts to long leather gloves. She has been seen a galleries, art openings, prestigious events and everyday shopping wearing leather garments, a testimony to the classic appeal of leather.

In fact, recently Diane Keaton was seen dressed in an incredible hat and long black gloves on the Rachael Ray show. Ray told Diane, “I love your sense of style.” Long leather gloves are making a major comeback on the fashion scene, as evidenced by Lucy Liu in “Cashmere Mafia”. Clearly it has been rediscovered that long leather gloves are an essential, graceful, feminine accessory that belong in every woman's wardrobe.

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