Britney Wears A Cropped Leather Jacket and Red Boots

Britney Spears has been famous for a variety of activities over the years, ranging from her singing to her wild antics to her unique sense of fashion. Recently Britney was spending with her new companion, paparazzi Adnan Ghalib, and their plans were held up by a flat tire. While it was getting repaired, Britney stepped out for awhile and showed off her fine sense of fashion along with her continued passion for wearing leather.

As Spears waited for the tire to be changed and resume plans for the day with her new friend, she was clearly dressed to impressed for a day of fun. Sporting skinny jeans, eclectic red suede boots and a delightful cropped leather jacket, Spears was the portrait of the modern look with has an air of retro 80s. A cropped leather jacket is the perfect wardrobe essential for a variety of outfits and works just as well with a mini as it does with skinny jeans. The bright red suede boots were a nice touch that added color and whimsy to Britney's outfit.
Britney Spears has worn incredible leather outfits in the past and this is another example of how the pop princess brings leather to the forefront by wearing the latest styles in perfect combination.

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