Lindsay in Leather from Head to Toe

Lindsay Lohan began her successful acting career years ago with Disney and after a few years of hard partying, she seems to have shifted her focus to fashion. Seen with long blonde hair and a luscious leather outfit, Lindsay has definitely replaced her long nights of partying with fun-filled days of shopping – with fantastic results.

With a touch of 80's flair, Lindsay choose to wear black leather leggings coupled with a fabulous black leather jacket. This lean leather look is ideal for all the active moments in a fashionista's life, from an afternoon of heavy-duty shopping to an evening of dancing at the clubs. Black leather leggings are not only comfortable but versatile enough to be dressed up or down. The long leather jacket is an ideal accompanyment to the leather leggings because of its full shape and unique design.

Instead of dragging out those old boring leggings, take a tip from Lindsay and try a pair of tight-fitting leather leggings or pants coupled with an oversized leather jacket. Now that the retro-80's look is back, this coupling is perfect for any time when you want to turn heads and enjoy the sensual feel of leather from head to toe.

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