Lindsay Lohan Shops Hollywood in a Long Leather Coat

Lindsay Lohan is a successful young woman that attracts attention wherever she goes. Whether she is visiting her family in New York, romancing men in Rome or shopping in Hollywood, Lindsay is always eye-catching and fashionable.

Recently Lohan was seen shopping at the Marc Jacobs store in Hollywood with a couple of friends. As she browsed around and perused the latest fashions, Lindsay sported a short black dress with knee high boots, a long black leather jacket and a large leather bag. This classic look is perfect for anywhere a fashionista has to go. With a change of accessories, the combination of a black dress and long black leather bag can go from a day to shopping to an evening of adventure. Clearly Lohan, everyone's favorite party girl, knows the advantages of wearing such a versatile ensemble featuring leather.

In fact, Lindsay frequently wears outfits featuring leather. The versatility and timeless appeal of leather jackets, pants and accessories are appreciated by divas of all ages. With the retro-80s trend in full swing, the younger jet setters such as Lohan already appreciate leather in any weather and situation.

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