Paris and Leather Gloves in the U.S.

The appeal of leather gloves has allured women for many reasons over the years. In the 1930s and 1940s, a woman was not considered fully dressed until she put on her gloves. Although the seasons and reasons for leather gloves have changed quite a bit since then, women are still making extreme fashion statements with leather gloves.

Since the 1990s, leather gloves are no longer reserved for winter wear. The fabulous fingerless leather glove designs by Ines are ideal for driving and bicycling. I enjoy long bike rides during the spring and summer and simply wouldn't feel right without the stability of my leather gloves gripping the handlebars. It seems that other modern fashionistas are finding stylish, bodybuilding uses for fine leather gloves, too. Paris Hilton was spotted last week leaving her West Hollywood gym wearing black weightlifting gloves, which have apparently become a recent fashion statement for her.

Whether you go to the gym to do weightlifting, bicycle through town to keep trim or just want to drive around in style, fingerless leather gloves are the latest in practical , beautiful accessories. The fine quality materials and eye-catching designs by Ines will leave your friends envious and desiring their own pair of these distinctive gloves.

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