Elegant Leather Gloves Make A Comeback for 2007

According to Savvy, the magazine for fashionable women, certain elegant retro looks will be back in vogue during 2007. Besides man tailored trousers and crisp linen blouses, two of my personal favorites, an old-fashioned, elegant accessory is making a comeback – long leather gloves!

Yes, those incredible long leather gloves you used to see mom wear have re-entered the fashion scene and are hotter than ever. Savvy reports that, “a 'must have' item are elbow-length leather gloves or gauntlet gloves (for three-quarter length sleeves). The key work here is 'understated'; no obvious flashing of wealth.”

From royalty to celebrities to wives of famous figures, long gloves have been a sign of success and beauty for many years. Besides their eye-catching elegance, leather gloves protect your hands from the elements and prevent them from getting those telltale signs of aging. I personally put on a bit of Nutrix soothing hand treatment cream from Lancome before I slide on those luscious leather gloves - when I take the gloves off later, my hands are silky smooth and touchable.

The line of gloves featured at Dutch Leather.com designed by famous fashionista and nurse, Ines, are the finest I have seen yet. These quality gloves have been featured on catwalks throughout Europe and have just found their way to the United States, right in time to meet the demand for such discerning accessories. Check out the wide variety of glamorous gloves designed by Ines at Dutch Leather and you are certain to want several pair to enhance and update your wardrobe.

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