Leather Gloves Allure Lindsay and Drew

Last week I discussed how Paris Hilton has adopted fingerless gloves as a fashion statement. Once Paris Hilton defines a great trend, other celebrities are certain to follow. Leather gloves have been a fashion accessory for the rich and famous for decades and it was exciting to see Paris reintroduce them at her West Hollywood gym.

In the past week, two more Hollywood beauties were spotted around town wearing luxurious leather gloves to personalize their own fashion statements. Lindsay Lohan sported an adorable dress, great hair and cool leather gloves at the Chanel Cruise Show in Santa Monica last week and really created a buzz.

But Lindsay wasn't the only one inspiring fashion conversation last week. Drew Barrymore was seen at the Jet nightclub in Las Vegas wearing eye-catching black patent leather gloves and took note of her awesome new fashion accessory.

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