Nicole Richie Sports Red Leather Jacket

Nicole Richie is the famous actress, reality star and socialite who is the adopted daughter of renowned singer Lionel Richie.  Her slender frame has always sported high fashion essentials and everyone watches Richie to see what she will wear next.  Known for her role in the reality television reality series, The Simple Life, Nicole Richie is the former BFF of her co-star Paris Hilton.

Now Nicole Richie is devoting her time to her husband Joel Madden, two darling children and a variety of charitable endeavors.  Still slender and beautiful after motherhood, Nicole Richie remains one of the leading international fashionistas.  Recently Richie was spotted wearing a luscious red leather jacket as she left the tony Ritz Hotel in Paris.  She was headed to the L'atelier de Joel Rubuchon restaurant.

Richie donned the eye-catching red leather jacket over a pair of blue jeans with a stylish hole at the knee.  Coupled with high-heeled pumps and an oversize tote, Nicole Richie look casually fashionable.  This comfortably classic look is easy to emulate.  Simply slip your own bright leather jacket over a well-worn pair of jeans with a pair of pumps to go shopping, out to restaurants or for a day out on the town.

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