Rihanna Wears a Single Shoulder Leather Dress

World famous singer Rihanna has never been shy about fashion. With her colorful hair and stylish outfits, everyone is looking to see what Rihanna will wear next.  Her bold sense of style and incredible ability to notice a trend makes her stand out from the crowd.  Rihanna was spotted several times wearing luscious black leather gloves.  Now the star took is further by slipping into a seductive, single shoulder leather dress.

Black leather is trendier than ever, especially when you slip into a single shoulder, black leather dress.  Rihanna sported this look at Ago Restaurant in West Hollywood.  The soft, supple leather hugged her curves and revealed one bare arm up to her neck.  The cinched waist showed off her feminine hourglass shape perfectly.  Rihanna paired the black leather dress with a pair of nude Christian Louboutin shoes, a perfect choice for such a dramatic dress.  Her effortless look was impressive and suitable for almost any setting.

Slip into the luxury of a full-length leather dress the next time you go out on the town.  Choose a pair of flesh-colored shoes like Rihanna did so your black leather dress takes the spotlight.  Leather has become a fashion classic in all shapes.

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