Paris Hilton Wears Leather and Grocery Shops, Too

Famous actress, socialite and fashionista Paris Hilton is known for her fabulous wardrobe.  Recently Paris Hilton was spotted wearing a soft black leather jacket while she went grocery shopping.  Who knew Paris wore casual leather jackets and went grocery shopping, too?

Paris Hilton looked relaxed yet beautiful sporting a classic black leather jacket with a gray tank top, leggings and simple black pumps.  Her hair was pulled back softly into a ponytail with a pair of large dark sunglasses.  Her black leather jacket was the perfect way to stay warm and look fantastic at the same time.

It is simple, comfortable and practical to incorporate this Paris Hilton look into your everyday wardrobe.  A black leather jacket, black pumps, gray tank top and black leggings are wardrobe staples.  With the right accessories, you can dress this look up or down for going all over town.

Add a luscious black leather jacket to your wardrobe to make your grocery shopping a little more stylish!

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