Demi Moore In A Metallic Leather Dress For W

Demi Moore has been one of our favorite actresses for decades.  Since the 1980s, Demi Moore is a beautiful woman of style and taste.  Recently Demi Moore graced the cover of the December, 2009 edition of "W Magazine" wearing a fitted leather and mesh metallic dress.  This luxurious leather dress showed of Demi Moore's fantastic figure at 46 (the age First Lady Michelle Obama turned today).

Leather dresses are an elegant way to dress up for the most special occasions.  Women of all ages and figure types look fabulous in leather dresses.  The short leather dress worn by Demi Moore suits her slim figure perfectly.  There are leather dresses in all shapes and lengths to make every woman look sensational.

Demi Moore is also married to Ashton Kucher, with many referring to her as a "cougar".  According to rumor, Demi stated, "I'd prefer to be called a Puma."  No matter what you decide to call Demi Moore, we refer to her as a fashionista.  The alluring leather dress she wore on the cover of "W Magazine" is inspiration for women of all ages.  Who says you can't be sexier as you get older?

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