Sharon Stone Rocks A Leather Skirt and Jacket

Sharon Stone is a world renowned actress for decades. Her beautiful face and seductive mannerisms allured audiences for years. Affectionately referred to as a cougar because of her age and sex appeal, Sharon Stone remains an attractive fashion icon. When she recently wore a luscious leather jacket and skirt, everyone took notice.

Sharon proves you are always the right age to wear a sultry, classy leather ensemble. The decadent leather outfit was accented by a bold scarf around her neck. Often a silk scarf is worn with leather outfits to "soften" the look. The zebra striped scarf perfectly matched the dark leather jacket and skirt. Sharon also wore metal-rimmed dark sunglasses for mysterious movie star appeal. To complete the outfit, Sharon slipped into a sexy pair of cut-out pumps.

A leather outfit like the one worn by Sharon Stone is perfect for both day and evening wear. Wear a sparkling scarf and strappy shoes to jazz the outfit for nights out at the club. Tone down the look with a muted, solid scarf and classic pumps. Every woman needs an eye-catching leather jacket and skirt suit in her wardrobe for all occasions.

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