Jessica Simpson Wears Tight Leather Pants

Jessica Simpson is a talented country singer who recently strutted her stuff wearing fitted leather pants. Amidst rumors about her weight gain, Jessica remains sexy and unashamed to show off her curvaceous assets in skin-tight leather jeans.

The 28 year old singer dates football star Tony Romo and both of them ignored rumors about her putting on a few pounds. After much media hype, general public opinion favored Jessica's healthy new look. She shows off her hourglass shape perfectly by wearing luscious leather pants during her Thursday night performance in Virginia.

Jess commented about media coverage of her weight stating it was "completely pointless". She also told her Charlottesville audience, "Thank you for your support. Just stay positive and pray out loud! I love you guys." Everyone seemed to love her sexy new look with shiny black leather pants, a fitted hip-length blazer, v-neck white shirt and multiple bangles. She reminded her audience, "Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder. So just appreciate."

Everyone appreciate her fine sense of style when she sauntered out on the stage wearing sensual leather pants. Whether you're slender or full-figured, black leather pants are the ultimate must-have item for your closet.

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