Leather Leggings, Mary Kate Olsen and Vogue Tips

Leather pants, leather leggings and leather “treggings” (a combination of trousers and leggings) have taken over the Fall and Winter fashion scene. All the top designers are featuring their own versions of leather pants and leggings. Leather leggings are attractive, comfortable and go from casual to dressy with just a few accessories. Mary Kate Ashley is pictured above, wearing leather leggings for a day out and about town.

With everyone donning leather pants and leggings, Pippa Holt, fashion features associate at Vogue, offered some wearing advice. “Keep the silhouette long and lean. Wear them skinny with a tunic top cinched in at the wait by a thin belt. Or for a soft-goth look, pair them with....black fringed cape. If you're wearing them in the evening, take inspiration from Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy and add gold necklaces and a jacket.”

Stylist Emily Barnes also feels leather pants should stay edgy, stating, “Leather trousers should always have a rock edge. The rock wardrobe is their heritage. So wearing them with heels in an Abigail's Party way can look really Sloaney and uncool.”

Despite the fashionistas' advice, people are wearing leather leggings in a variety of different ways. Whether you like to dress them up or down, leather pants are an essential must-have item for your closet.

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