Diane and Carrie Wear Leather on Good Morning America

Black leather is an essential fashion statement this season and everyone is wearing it, as evidenced by a recent Good Morning America show. No sooner did we see Angelina Jolie in her eye-catching black leather pants (with a strategic rip as she went down the runway), than two more fashionistas appeared on television clad in black leather. When Carrie Underwood recently performed on Good Morning America, she was wearing killer, over-the-knee black leather boots. These long leather boots are back in vogue and make a passionate fashion statement.

On the other end of the fashion spectrum, Diane Sawyer wore leather with her guest Carrie Underwood. While Carrie sported tight jeans and leather boots past the knee, Diane was conservatively clad in a gorgeous, bell-shaped black leather skirt and a white shirt with a popped collar. These two fashionable ladies showed that regardless of age or position, black leather is an essential element of any wardrobe.

Whether you decide the wear sexy leather boots past your knees or a sophisticated leather skirt with a white blouse, black leather is one of the most beautiful wardrobe basics of the fall/winter season.

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