Ashley Olsen's Leather Jackets

The quintessential black leather jacket is back in full force and effect this season, as predicted earlier in the season. The retro eighties trend coupled with the fact that a whole new generation has discovered the diversity of leather, and we are clearly going to see a lot more of black leathers jackets on the fashion scene.

Recently spotted wearing an incredibly attractive black leather jacket was Ashley Olsen. As Ashley went shopping through Paris and attended fashion events with her twin sister, Mary Kate, she constantly sported her gorgeous leather jacket. She has also been seen wearing a leather biker jacket, which is also back in vogue for women. Always a classic for men, the leather biker jackets looks great on women, especially coupled with tight-fitting jeans or stretch pants.

Ashley Olsen is clearly ready for the leather trend. Her class black leather jacket can go anywhere from shopping in Paris to elegant fashion affairs while her biker jacket is ideal for trendy, exciting casual and club looks.

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