The Best Looking Celebrity in Leather

Recently the seventh annual event was sponsored by the Tanners' Council of Japan to give out awards in honor of leather-clad celebrities. The winner of the esteemed “Best Looking Celebrity in Leather” title was actress Chiaki Kuriyama, famous for appearing in Quentin Tarantino's “Kill Bill: Volume 1”.

The awards this year highlighted the “age softening” of leather, showing the beauty of both new and aged leather items such as jackets, pants, vests, skirts and boots. Kuriyama has been a leather enthusiast since she was a young girl in elementary school, when she wore a leather jacket that matched her mother's. Now Kuriyama loves to wear leather and even wears leather boots in the summer – a topic we've covered a few times in this blog, reiterating the fact that leather is great in any weather. When asked about her award and wearing leather, Chiaki said, “I am honored to hear that the award has been given to so many cool people. I love leather because it can be enjoyed both when new and used. My family is happy about the award.” When Chiaki was asked about her opinion of men in leather she replied that they, “look cool.” We totally agree!

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