A Black Leather Jacket for Pink

Unlike the bubble gum singers in the mainstream media we often become accustomed to, Pink is known for her unique perspective, ability to speak out with confidence and her incredible, individualized sense of style. A role model for strong, unconventional young women, Pink is popular with fans of all ages because – she rocks!

Authentic in her music and her style, Pink was recently spotted performing in a classic black leather jacket coupled with a gold scarf. Pairing black leather with a scarf is an ideal way to add feminine appeal to the look. Singing some of her outspoken commentary about the world such as, “Who Knew” and “Dear Mr. President”, Pink is a performer who inspires women to strive for more and speak their minds.

Like many other women of distinction, Pink wears black leather to show her fashion sense and strength. A traditional black leather jacket and soft scarf are an ideal look to where almost anywhere and they let the world know you are confident and ready to speak your mind.

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