The leather bags

Letme tell you about Shaneka.
She is designer of bag label d'Nimo, just introduced at Dutch Leather Design.

This is what Shaneka told Ines of Dutch Leather Design:

First of all I love the fact that I have total design control and spare no mercy for the practical bag,they're everywhere. d'NĂ­MO is all about style first! There's a part of me along with a theme in every bag and I name each one after someone in my life. I feel that each bag radiates on its own even though they are a part of the same collection. The goal, which I feel I've managed to achieve was actually not being afraid to play with shapes and asymmetry but still end up with something that is wearable and attractive. I guess you can call it thinking outside the box, but in my world...there was never a box!
It was important to choose a soft,supple leather because I like to work with pleating, pinching and gathering detailing which you notice now and would again in my future collections.
My bags have character, they show that I had both fun and a bold energy while creating them. I took advantage of the fact that I could do what I want...why? because I simply can.

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