Fall 2007 Forecast: Leather Clothing and How to Care For It

As the runways quiet down after all the Fall, 2007 fashion shows, it is clear to see that leather is a major part of an updated wardrobe. The fitted silhouettes and retro-80s looks of the new Fall 2007 fashion line welcome the inclusion of luxurious leather clothing, accessories, jackets and coats.

As a leather enthusiast, I am glad to see that leather clothing, accessories, jackets and coats are an integral part of a fashionable fall wardrobe. I intend to include fingerless leather gloves as an accessory this season since gloves are also making a huge return to the fashion scene.

With all the leather you will be adding to your Fall 2007 wardrobe, let's consider some of the ways to keep your leather essentials looking and feeling beautiful for years to come:

-Hang leather garments on wide or padded hangers to keep their shape;
-Use tissue to stuff empty leather handbags while you are store them so they maintain their shape;
-Do not store leather in plastic or non-breathable containers that will make it become dry;
-Do not store leather in humid environments or in direct sunlight;
-If your leather gets wet, air dry it away from any direct source of heat;
-Leather conditioner may be used to restore flexibility to a garment;
-Hang a leather garment to allow wrinkles to come out naturally; and
-Have your leather garments professionally cleaned for the best results.

When you make in investment in the finest leather clothing and accessories, make sure to take proper care of them so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

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