Dakota Fanning in a Fantastic Leather Jacket

Delightful Dakota Fanning was recently seen wearing a fantastic leather biker jacket. The American child star looked all grown up at 18 sporting a trendy leather jacket over a ruffled blouse. Dakota Fanning was the youngest nominee for a Screen Actors Guild Award when she was just 7 years old. Fanning has won numerous awards for her acting talent and is also showing she is a fashion-forward diva who knows how to wear leather.

Fanning slipped a dark leather biker jacket over a feminine shirt with ruffles and embellishments for a completely carefree look. The mix of tough and girlish is irresistible.  Soft and  yet hard, this trendy look is easy to emulate for the spring. Simply slip on your favorite sweet blouse coupled with a black biker jacket.  The look would be perfect with a pair of jeans and sparkled sneakers or low leather boots.

Innovative and yet innocent, the popularity of luxurious leather biker jackets over blouses has been a hot look for decades.  Dakota Fanning brought it back for women to wear right in time for chilly spring evenings when you need something warm over a thin blouse.

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