Jim Carrey Gets Fishy in Leather Gloves

Jim Carrey, notorious for his many comedy roles including "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective," was recently spotted getting fishy in leather gloves.  Jim Carrey was shooting a scene for his new film, "Mr. Popper's Penguins" (due for release in the summer).  Carrey is playing a high powered NYC businessman in the upcoming film, which is clearly why he was donning luxurious black leather gloves.

The most successful businessman in New York are often seen wearing leather gloves to match their tweed jackets.  Jim Carrey personifies the NYC businessman perfectly by slipping into a pair of decadent leather gloves.  He even continues to wear the gloves when picking up squid to purchase in New York's famous meat-packing district.  It seems clear the squid might be a delicacy for the penguins in the movie.

While it is not advisable to pick up smelly fish wearing leather gloves, they are certainly durable enough to take anything and attractive enough to define a quintessential New York businessman.  Whether you work in business or with your hands, black leather gloves like the ones worn by Carrey are a perfect addition to any man's wardrobe.

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