Tom Welling In A Leather Jacket and Leather Pants

Formally known as Thomas John Patrick Welling, the world affectionately refers to this handsome American actor, director and former fashion model as "Tom". As a former fashion model, Tom has a great sense of style and isn't afraid to show it off in public. His distinctive face coupled with an eye-catching wardrobe make him a much-watched sex symbol.

Recently Tom posed for photos wearing a leather jacket and then leather pants. Clearly Tom has a personal preference for wearing leather. The luxurious black leather coat added to his dark-haired good looks. Well-fitted black leather pants showed off Tom's formal fashion model physique.

Known as Clark Kent on the television Smallville, Tom really did look like a Superman in this luscious leather apparel. The long, lean lines clad in high quality black leather are absolutely irresistible. His look is easy for men to recreate, even those who are fashion challenged. A simple black leather jacket thrown over black leather pants gives you the rough and ready appeal of superstars such as Tom Welling.

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