Michael Jackson Buried With White Leather Glove

Recently the world lost several major Hollywood stars. Perhaps the most memorable tributes and ceremonies were held in honor of the late Michael Jackson, known worldwide as the "King of Pop". Michael Jackson was renowned for his unique music, unforgettable dancing and unusual sense of style. Jackson's trademark garb included leather jackets, leather pants and a single leather glove.

Michael Jackson was so well-known for wearing a white leather glove, his family decided to bury him in one. Throughout his career, Jackson slipped into a white leather glove for his magical, memorable performances. It seemed fitting to his sister LaToya Jackson to bury her brother wearing his signature white leather glove.

The family selected a white leather glove covered in sparkling Swarovski crystals. Donatella Versace designed the clothes worn in the casket by Jackson. All of the men in the Jackson family wore white gloves in honor of the King of Pop. Rumor has it that Jackson started wearing a leather glove to hide the signs of a skin condition. No matter how the trend started, thanks to Michael Jackson a single white leather glove has been a fashion statement for over two decades.
White leather gloves can be formal, funky or fabulous depending on your mood and the occasion. Why not add a luxurious pair of white leather gloves to your summer wardrobe in honor of the King of Pop?

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