Michael Jackson Is Gone - His Leather Look Lives On

The world was devastated to hear the news Michael Jackson passed away last week at just 50 years old. Known as the "King of Pop", Michael Jackson's music impressed with world. Jackson also made a major fashion statement around the globe with his eclectic leather looks since the 1980s.

Videos such as "Thriller" and "Beat It" showcased Michael Jackson's fabulous fashion choices. Everyone clamored to wear leather clothing just like Jackson. His signature red leather jacket with black stripes was emulated by countless fans. Jackson was also well-known for wearing an array of leather jackets throughout his career.

Besides wearing signature leather jackets, Jackson coupled them with luscious leather pants. Men started from all backgrounds started to want leather pants of their own, creating a new fashion classic for males. Today businessmen wear tailored leather pants to work since Michael Jackson "broke the ice" in the 1980s.
We offer our condolences to Michael Jackson's family during this difficult time. The world will never forget his incredible music or his sensational sense of leather style.

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