Usher and Karl Wear Leather Driving Gloves

Leather driving gloves are here to stay. Not only are they practical for driving, they look fabulously fashionable on both males and females. Wearing leather gloves when you drive prevents slipping for a better grip. Pairing them with your favorite outfits makes a bold fashion statement wherever you go. Usher proved this during his attendance at Paris Fashion Week when he wore luscious leather driving gloves.

These slim leather gloves are the ideal way to finish off any stylish ensemble. Usher wore black leather driving gloves with a classic dark suit, white shirt, boldly colored necktie and sunglasses. While Usher attracted plenty of attention wearing lean leather driving gloves, he was not alone in making this fashion statement. The fashion don Karl Lagerfield also wore leather driving gloves to Paris Fashion Week, proving men and women are wearing these fingerless gloves more frequently to events of distinction.

Not just for driving anymore, leather driving gloves add an elegant touch to your wardrobe. While women have worn these practical driving gloves for years, now men are discovering the pleasure of wearing leather gloves for driving and beyond.

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