Nicky Hilton Sports A Leather Jacket

The Hilton name is famous worldwide as one of the finest hotels on the globe. Besides having beautiful hotels, the Hiltons also have two gorgeous daughter. Nicky Hilton and Paris Hilton are famous for their pretty faces, fine fashion sense and party-girl antics. Recently Nicky Hilton was spotted wearing a fabulous leather jacket with the latest fashions for the spring season.

Leather is perfect in any weather, especially spring. The warm yet breezy days and cool night are ideal weather for wearing leather. Nicky Hilton slipped a luscious, zippered leather jacket over her sporty ensemble. She looked comfortable and fabulous wearing an eye-catching leather jacket with a scarf, oversize sunglasses and the latest "torn" jeans. To finish off her fantastic look, Nicky slung a large leather bag over her arm and wore a pair of ballet flats for total comfort.

Nicky's leather jacket and outfit are perfect for a day on the town. From shopping to lunch to hanging out with friends, a luxurious leather jacket with jeans and flats take you just about anywhere in style!

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