Michelle Obama Wears Green Leather Gloves

On January 21, 2009, American history was made when Barack Obama was sworn in as President. Everyone is talking about the young African American President who is ready to help America face necessary change. First Lady Michelle Obama personified hope wearing a golden dress with gorgeous green leather gloves.

Michelle Obama brought sophisticated fashion sense to the White House wearing a glittering outfit with green leather gloves to Barack's swearing-in. Magnificent Michelle was the epitome of elegance for this momentous event. Her Swiss wool lace ensemble featured layers of luxurious pashmina tulle. To stay warm during the swearing-in ceremony, Michelle's outfit was lined with French silk. To top off the look and keep her hands toasty, Michelle slipped into luxurious leather gloves.

The past year has seen the return of the lady, complete with metallic dresses and luscious leather gloves. This sparkling look has now found its way to the White House. Michelle Obama is sure to further inspire this generation to appreciate the glory of beautiful outfits accessorized with colorful, lovely leather gloves.

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