Victoria Beckham's Summer Leather Skirt

Victoria Beckham is a reigning fashion icon with a passion for fashion and leather. Recently 'Posh Spice' rocked the world with her new, trendy short haircut which has everyone talking. Her eclectic fashion sense keeps everyone watching her every outfit. This summer, Victoria proved leather is simply perfect in any weather.

We love the topic of summer leather because so many celebrities are doing it now despite the fashion naysayers. The same boring people who veto summer leather think white is for one season. Victoria Beckham proudly dons leather during all seasons, including those luxuriously long and ladylike leather gloves she occasionally wears. In fact, Victoria was spotted wearing a delightful pink leather mini skirt this summer. She paired the high-waisted mini with a short sleeve button down blouse creating a fabulous summer outfit. The leather skirt Victoria wore is perfect for the season because of its short length and lovely light pink hue. The tan belt finishes off her summer leather look with polish and finesse.

Fashionista Victoria Beckham is wise enough to realize what leather lovers around the globe already know – leather skirts are sexy and eye-catching during any season, for any reason. For spring and summer, wear leather in pastel colors and white. In the fall and winter, wear rich tones of brown, burnt orange and red. Black is stunning for all seasons. No matter what the weather, leather makes a luxe fashion statement.

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