Tom Cruise Wears Black Leather Jacket In July

We support wearing leather in any weather and have seen celebrities wearing it throughout the year more than ever before. Instead of saving leather for fall or winter, celebrities and everyday people are donning all sorts of leather garments through the spring and summer. Recently Sean Combs was spotted wearing an eye-catching red leather jacket to a July premiere of Hancock. Another males superstar recently showed off his sense of leather savvy in the summer – Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise is a famous actor, husband and father seen all over town with wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri. Tom always looks great and his ability as an actor coupled with his fine fashion sense have been recognized for over two decades. Tom was seen attending the Red Bull US MotoGp in California wearing a luscious black leather jacket in the middle of July. No matter what the season, a black leather jacket is timeless apparel often worn to car racing events because of the winds around the track. Tom looked traditionally fashionable wearing a leather jacket to this racing event and proved leather looks incredible in the middle of summer. Don't put your leather away for the summer because it's fabulously fashionable to slip into leather all year long.

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