Sean Combs Wears Summer Leather

Famous rapper, daddy and businessman Sean Combs is also well known as the king of bling. A trendsetter for years, Sean Combs has sets a precedent for fashionable men everywhere with his Sean John clothing line. His "white" parties became famous in the Hamptons, New York and inspired everyone to wear only white to garden parties last summer. Sean also realizes what we've been saying for so long -summer is a perfect season for leather.

Sean was spotted in July attending the Hancock premiere wearing a bold, fabulous red leather jacket. His eye-catching leather jacket was simply perfect no matter what the season. He tossed his leather jacket over a classic white tee and dark jeans with plenty of bling around his neck for an eclectic combination of casual and dressy. On his feet, Sean donned red sneakers to match his incredible red jacket. His look is timeless and easily copied by men of all sizes, ages and backgrounds. A red leather jacket, dark jean and matching sneakers go all over town in style. From an afternoon date shopping to a night on the town, Sean knows this outfit will fashionably take him anywhere he wants to go.

Leather weather is anytime of the year. Instead of wearing brown or black leather in the summer, try red or pastel colors for an alluring change. After all, a fashion icon such as Sean Combs knows summer is the right time for a leather jacket.

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