Red Leather Gloves and Courtney Love

Singer and wife of the late Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, recently surprised the world by losing an impressive amount of weight and facing the public with a refreshed fashion perspective. Always queen of cutting edge fashion trends, Courtney was recently spotted shopping in New York City wearing long, luxurious red leather gloves.

Leather gloves have made a major comeback on the Fall, 2007 fashion scene and Love is already loving the look. The way Courtney added a hat, sunglasses and a huge matching tote as accessories to compliment her red leather gloves adds a touch of old-fashioned glamor with a hot new twist. While long leather gloves used to be a sign of class and distinction during the days of Grace Kelly, today they can be worn anytime and anywhere, depending on your mood. The key is to add a fantastic outfit and awesome accessories to high end leather gloves to create your own individual look, just like Courtney did during her NYC shopping excursion.

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