Summer Leather for Men at Paris' Party - That's Hot!

We recently revered Paris Hilton at this blog because she wore fingerless leather gloves to the gym, much like the incredible fingerless leather gloves made by Ines for Dutch Leather Design. These supple fingerless gloves by Ines are absolutely fabulous and just perfect for bicycling on cool summer nights.

Anyway, now that Paris Hilton is free she celebrated her independence on the Fourth of July by having a cool beach bash in Malibu. One of her celebrity guests was Jared Leto, wearing a leather jacket and looking hot out in the Malibu sun. This brings to mind another blog where we opined that leather is perfect in any weather – well, Jared just proved that point again!

Jared Leto wearing his essential leather jacket in the summer makes me think of the incredible new leather styles for men at Dutch Leather Design. It seems to me that stylish men don't have to wait for the fall to arrive to sport these dynamic Dutch Leather Designs. The leather shirt for men is lighter than a leather jacket and ideal for summer nights partying at the beach. Ines' leather shirt for men is top of the bill with a slip fit and incredible softness. That's hot!

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