The Appeal of Leather Skirts for All Generations

As we recently discussed in this blog, leather mini skirts have always been hot and are making a major comeback on the fashion scene. Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice, had been spotted wearing a leather mini on a recent shopping excursion. Now the younger celebrities are appreciating the timeless, sensual appeal of leather.

In the June edition of “Blender”, 22 year old singer Avril Lavigne is featured in a photo spread wearing a short leather skirt and an open leather jacket. Avril accompanies the look with fishnet stockings, a bottle of whiskey and a cigar.

Although leather mini skirts have often had a racy reputation, take note of the vast difference between Victoria and Avril's leather looks. Victoria wore a longer leather skirt during the day with a button up shirt, while Avril jumped on the fashion fast track in a wild leather mini coupled with a leather jacket.

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